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PIC24FJ64GA306 mcu clone

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1 PIC24FJ64GA306 mcu clone 于 周三 九月 25, 2013 7:04 am


PIC24FJ64GA306 mcu clone/programe extract/ic crack/mcu reverse/mcu attack

PIC24FJ64GA306 includes advanced low power features including a Low Voltage Sleep mode that maintains the device state and RAM with a typical current of 340 nA, and a Vbat pin that automatically transitions to the RTCC to a battery supply when Vdd is removed.

The PIC24FJ64GA306 family is also includes a 480 segment LCD Driver with 60 segment x 8 common drive capability. The combination of feature make the part ideally suited to a number of battery powered and general purpose applications.

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