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R5F21258 IC reverse PCB board reverse work

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1 R5F21258 IC reverse PCB board reverse work 于 周四 九月 12, 2013 6:05 am


Beijing techip provides R5F21258 IC reverse and decryption,Besides R5F21258 MCU
Reverse work,if customers provide the elextronic product, under the premise of
using the reverse circuit board by means of reverse analysis , we also can provide
PCB board reverse work.
Email:techip688@gmail.com skype:techip.mcu.01

R5F21258 features:
8-bit Multifunction Timer with 8-bit prescaler (Timer RA and RB): 2 channels
Interrupts: 11 internal factors, 5 external factors, 4 software factors
Data Flash: 2KB
Voltage Detection Circuit
Power-On Reset Circuit
10-bit A/D Converter: 12 channels
Watchdog Timer

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