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copying programming chip or disassembling dsPIC33EP64GP506 MCU

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we can offer dsPIC33EP64GP506 chip decryption decrypt / DSPIC chip
decryption / PIC microcontroller decryption,we can directly get
encrypted programming document of dsPIC33EP64GP506 MCU by certain
equipment and method, which could provide for learning, reference a
nd study after copying programming chip or disassembling. we can
provide the chip sample we offered has the same function with the
master chip.SKYPE:techip.mcu.01

microchip pic dsPIC33EP64GP506 features:
Modified Harvard Architecture
C Compiler Optimized Instruction Set
Single-Cycle shifts for up to 40-bit Data
16x16 Fractional Multiply/Divide Operations
16-bit Wide Data Path
24-bit Wide Instructions
Two 40-bit Accumulators with Rounding and Saturation Options
Single-Cycle Multiply and Accumulate
16x16 Integer Multiply Operations
32/16 and 16/16 Integer Divide Operations

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