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PIC24HJ64GP506A ic crack

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1 PIC24HJ64GP506A ic crack 于 周四 八月 08, 2013 7:36 am


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PIC24HJ64GP506A is pin compatible with the dsPIC33F family of devices, and also
shares a very high degree of compatibility with the dsPIC30F family devices. This
allows seamless migration options from/to PIC24F, dsPIC30F and dsPIC33F devices.

Main features of the PIC24HJ64GP506A:
3-wire SPI (up to 2 modules)
Framing supports I/O inte***ce to simple codecs
Supports 8-bit and 16-bit data
Supports all serial clock formats and sampling modes
I2C™ (up to 2 modules)
Full Multi-Master Slave mode support
7-bit and 10-bit addressing
Bus collision detection and arbitration
Integrated signal conditioning
Slave address masking
UART (up to 2 modules)
Interrupt on address bit detect
Interrupt on UART error
Wake-up on Start bit from Sleep mode
4-character TX and RX FIFO buffers
LIN bus support
IrDA® encoding and decoding in hardware
High-Speed Baud mode

Basing on the above features of the PIC24HJ64GP506A, Beijing Sichip(http://www.dspcrack.com) can read code from PIC24HJ64GP506A easily.
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