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PIC16LCE624 ic crack

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1 PIC16LCE624 ic crack 于 周三 十月 16, 2013 9:33 am


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The PIC16LCE624 are 18 and 20-Pin EPROM-based members of the versatile PIC® family of low-cost, high-performance, CMOS, fully-static, 8-bit microcontrollers with EEPROM data memory. All PIC® microcontrollers employ an advanced RISC architecture.

The PIC16LCE624 family has enhanced core features, eight-level deep stack, and multiple internal and external interrupt sources. The separate instruction and data buses of the Harvard architecture allow a 14-bit wide instruction word with separate 8-bit wide data.

PIC16LCE624 microcontrollers typically achieve a 2:1 code compression and a 4:1 speed improvement over other 8-bit microcontrollers in their class.

The PIC16CE623 and PIC16CE624 have 96 bytes of RAM. The PIC16CE625 has 128 bytes of RAM. Each microcontroller contains a 128x8 EEPROM memory array for storing non-volatile information, such as calibration data or security codes.

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