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cypress CY8C24423 discover ic content, PIC discover ic firmware

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CY8C24423 mcu is designed to replace multiple traditional MCU-based
system components with one, low cost single-chip programmable component.
A PSoC CY8C24423 mcu device includes configurable blocks of analog and
digital logic, as well as programmable interconnect.CY8C24423 mcu crack
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CY8C24423 mcu FEATURES
CY8C24423 Powerful Harvard Architecture Processor
–M8C Processor Speeds to 24 MHz
–Operating Voltages Down to 1.0 V Using On-Chip Switch Mode Pump (***P)
–Industrial Temperature Range: –40°C to+85°C
–8 x 8 Multiply, 32-Bit Accumulate
–Low Power at High Speed
–3.0 to 5.25 V Operating Voltage
CY8C24423 Flexible On-Chip Memory
–4K Bytes Flash Program Storage 50,000 Erase/Write Cycles
–Partial Flash Updates
–256 Bytes SRAM Data Storage
–In-System Serial Programming (ISSP)

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