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AT89C51ID2 ic crack

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1 AT89C51ID2 ic crack 于 周日 九月 22, 2013 8:04 am


AT89C51ID2 mcu code extraction, AT89C51ID2 reverse engineering

AT89C51ID2 is a high performance CMOS Flash version of the 80C51 CMOS single chip 8-bit microcontroller.

The AT89C51ID2 retains all features of the Atmel 80C52 with 256 bytes of internal RAM, a 10-source 4-level interrupt controller and three timer/counters.

The AT89C51ID2 has a Programmable Counter Array, an XRAM of 1792 bytes, a Hardware Watchdog Timer, SPI and Keyboard, a more versatile serial channel that facilitates multiprocessor communication (EUART) and a speed improvement mechanism (X2 mode).

The AT89C51ID2 has 2 software-selectable modes of reduced activity and 8-bit clock prescaler for further reduction in power consumption.

The added features of the AT89C51ID2 make it more powerful for applications that need pulse width modulation, high speed I/O and counting capabilities such as alarms, motor control, corded phones, smart card readers.

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