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Schematic Diagram of PCB Circuit Board

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1 Schematic Diagram of PCB Circuit Board 于 周三 九月 18, 2013 6:06 am


Reverse Engineering schematic diagram is the process base upon the physical circuit board sample or circuit board gerber file to obtain the result, which will facilitate the technology analysis and cooperate with the subsequent prototype adjustment and modification.

Schematic diagram is drawing formed by electrical simbol which can be applied to analyze the electronic circuit principle, it plays an indispensable part in the process of product adjustment, maintanence and modification.

Besides, when reverse engineering schematic diagram from large size circuit card pattern, operator should understand the circuit layout relationship, and then divide the whole pattern into small blocks accompany with appropreaite signal indicator and explanation according to circuit functions, in stead of the traditional method like main bus as a whole plus net1 and net2 to express the connection relation. Which can effectively solve the problems of schematic diagram can’t be printed clearly.

Reverse engineering schematic diagram start from the chip signal, designator of each lead’s signal are all given, at the same time, place emphasis on the corresponding relationship between package lead and physical sample lead, concentrate on the polarity of triode P/N and correctiveness of EBC, strict network verification must be made among the schematic diagram from reverse engineered and physical Printed circuit board sample. Ensure all the component’s designator, part number and network name are all clear and tracable, 100% correctiveness and readibility.

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