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decrypt and reverse the SST89V54RD mcu

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1 decrypt and reverse the SST89V54RD mcu 于 周一 九月 16, 2013 5:42 am


Beijing techip has the mature and reliable technology to decrypt and reverse the
SST89V54RD mcu,it is one of advantage project, and with the technology in the SST
MCU decryption technology research breakthroughs,at present, for SST89V58RD
decryption, and many other SST Series MCU decryption,the techip has developed high-
quality decryption scheme,and has extensive practical experience can provide
customers with efficient and reliable, great economic value decryption services and
the most reliable technical support for customers of the overall project development.
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SST89V54RD MCU features:
8-bit 8051-Compatible Microcontroller (MCU)with Embedded SuperFlash Memory
1 KByte Internal RAM
Three 16-bit Timers/Counters
Programmable Watchdog Timer (WDT)
Second DPTR register
Low EMI Mode (Inhibit ALE)

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