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open (break)the sample of dsPIC33EP256MC204

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1 open (break)the sample of dsPIC33EP256MC204 于 周五 八月 30, 2013 6:37 am


Beijing shouxi zhixin company offers PIC Microchip dsPIC33EP256MC204 Copy /Programming /
Clonning( EPROM, MCU Microcontroller, FLASHROM, EEPROM) service with high success rate
and reasonable price.our engineer need to open (break)the sample,it is also called
"decapsulation",and change the circuit(focused ion beam).it will not change the function
of the samples,only change the structure and circuit of IC.

after we get the programe and code of master mcu,customers can write the programe to
blank chips by programeer.we can finish doing mcu ic copy crack(mcu ic decryption) successfully!
pLease contact techip688@gmail.com or skype:techip.mcu.01
you may go to www.mcureverse.com and seek out specialized support.

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